Style Consultation (1.5 to 2 hours) £160
This is where we will look at your proportions and scale, and identify which cuts, fabrics, styles and finishes flatter you the most. We’ll also discuss hairstyles and accessories. With all this information I’ll create a Style Guide for you that you can refer to whenever you go shopping.

Colour Consultation (1.5 to 2 hours) £160
I will show you how to choose the colours that complement your colouring. I will arm you with your unique colour palette and show you various combinations to achieve different looks. I will also advise on colour choices for hair, jewellery, accessories and make-up.

Wardrobe Cleansing (per hour) £70
With your style guide to hand we can quickly assess what works for you; what you should keep and what can be altered, we’ll be ruthless with the rest!  We will also make a list of essentials and additions to help build on your existing wardrobe.

Private Shopping (per hour) £70
Private Shopping can work in several ways. It can be for a special occasion or on a regular basis, to discover new shops or brands, or for those who don’t have enough time. According to your budget, we will create a bespoke package to fit your requirements.

Outfit checker (20 minutes) £15
If you have a special occasion to attend and need some ideas on what to wear; we can meet either at my studio, at your home or online for a fashion show; where I can help you choose the correct items, or help you find something online, and finish off your look with some ideas for accessories.

Friends Taster Session (2 to 3 hours) £30 per person, £50 per person combined
Come along for a morning or afternoon with a group of friends (max 8.) for either a style or colour introduction.  We will discuss the season’s latest fashions and how best to incorporate a touch or more into your wardrobe. I’ll give each of you some ideas on how to enhance your specific style and run through an introduction on colour combinations. In more detail for colour introduction – we will look at your dominant characteristics and your master colour palette. For the style introduction – we will look at the many different style preferences and the one that best describes you. Understand your silhouette and what types of fabrics and cuts are the most flattering.

Workshops (2 hours £65 for groups of 3+) see Gift for Hosts

1. The Power of Colour! Learn how to combine hues & tones specific to you
Colour evokes emotion, colour is sensual, luxurious and dramatic!

Colour is an intense communicative force. It can elicit harmony or be energising. Learn how to interpret the tone & hue of a colour and how to combine the colours of specific colour palettes. Explore your own colour palette and learn how to incorporate it into patterns, textures, weaves and metallics. We’ll look at the latest seasonal colours and how to incorporate touches of them into your wardrobe.

2. Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it! Learn how to be your ultimate style guide
We all have our own unique style, all you need to do is find it, embrace it, and then live it.

Allowing for your every day routine and general lifestyle you will learn about the many different style preferences and which ones best describe you. Understand you silhouette and what types of fabrics and fabric weights are the most flattering. Accessorise – with scarves, jewellery, hats, glasses, sunglasses, handbags etc. All you need is a ‘How to Guide’ specific to you and then accessorising will become as easy as slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choos.

A Gift for Hosts
As a big thank you for organising either a coffee morning or workshop with me, I’d love to offer you a choice of one of the following:

A complete style or colour consultation, 2 hours of private shopping or wardrobe cleansing, 5x outfit checks.

Gift Vouchers
Any one  of my consultations makes a lovely gift. Either for someone who already has incredible style and would love to share some new ideas, or for someone who is in need of a refreshing approach.

Seasonal Offers
I very often have a Seasonal Offer running. Please drop me a line if you would like some more information.