Help! I don’t like my old clothes anymore. They stare at me from the rail like old girlfriends from the past wanting to go on a ‘let’s-try-it-one-more-time’ night out. Terrifying. Stuff of nightmares. Now I’ve seen the future there’s no going back. I’m addicted you crafty devil. Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Matt Bennett, London 

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that you inspired me so much that I am now taking a course in colour psychology and loving it! …I’m in awe of how powerful this is and excited by the opportunities that lie ahead, so thank you!!!

Natasha Hawtry-Woore, London

Thank you so much for such a life changing experience! I went out last night in that green mini dress with shear tan tights and felt fabulous. I feel totally energised by wearing the right colours that I’m finding it hard to bring myself to wear anything else now. It feels liberating to empty my wardrobe of all those muddy colours and a little scary there isn’t much left! My plan is to start with a small every day wardrobe and build from there… Anyway, I am a complete convert and I LOVE it so a huge thank you Rachel!

Natasha Hawtry-Woore, London

Girls won’t leave me alone in my leather jacket!!! You are a genius!!! xxx

Text sent from Mr X, London


I am a busy Mum who loves clothes but had lost my way somewhat. (A fleece and jeans just about summed up my everyday look). Rachel took me in hand. It wasn’t about imposing anything, more rediscovering what I really am and importantly which shapes, styles and textures suit me best. It was a top-to-toe experience, she has great finesse, endless patience and as you would expect, a wealth of knowledge and fabulous sense of style. I unreservedly recommend Rachel.

A client, Aix-en-Provence

Rachel, I Love how you’ve transformed me and made me aware of my good bits and the bits to hide. I feel much sexier and have many compliments about my new wardrobe. You are a real jewel that makes people feel good about themselves. When I go shopping now, I always have you in my mind ‘does that really make the most of my figure or does the colour flatter me’? I’ve become more selective with buying clothes, but at the same time I’m more experimental. I’m wearing very fitted, structured clothes I would have been too shy to even try on before. I could go on and on and on. I just love you!

Katja Thielen, London

After my 3rd child I had no brain power left to think about myself, Rachel’s enthusiasm and kind honest assessment of me came up with a life changing look. I have just had my 4th baby and she has been with me through each stage of my body changing, taking into account my busy lifestyle and fashion statement needs as an architect. She is an absolute professional.

Renella Palmer, Luxembourg

We met Rachel through some friends at a party and after just 20 minutes we were addicted! At last we envisaged a world outside our navy, grey and black, one which we’d created for our cash rich but time poor lifestyles as Lawyers. She’s now been working with us for several months, and after small steps, where she helped us gain confidence by trying out new styles and colours, we handed over the reins for her to organise everything we needed regarding our wardrobes.

So now when we’re rushing out of the door, we’re wearing clothes that give us a certain swagger to our stride. We will, and have recommended Rachel to everyone we know. She truly has a gift, and on meeting her you know she already has a vision for you.

Jessica & Rupert, London

I have been feeling very refreshed and renewed since my style consultation with you, and it was so great to have my wardrobe cleared out and organized. I now just get dressed, instead of changing clothes several times before leaving the house! I am more confident in working with what I’ve got, and knowing what I should wear and how to wear it. The best part is that clothes are fun again and I feel confident in what I wear!

Meighan Merono, Paris

I have a new zing in my step. Rachel has made me feel liberated, beautiful and confident. When I shop now I look for pieces to invest in. Pieces that will last. Pieces that are me. She has given me the tools and the knowhow to make the right choices to look good and feel good. Rachel has listened to me and learned about me, and with great warmth guided me to feel the best I have felt about myself in years. Thank you Rachel.

Louise Habermehl, Paris

Rachel has a unique way to incorporate all of her creative experiences by bringing to each of her clients an intriguing insight into their personal style. This is quite simply a marvelous lesson that will leave one feeling educated and empowered whilst at the same time truly pampered.

Kaytey Wright, London 

I’d recommend Rachel’s services to every woman on the planet. She has style running through her veins and can help transform not only your wardrobe but your confidence in a matter of hours.

Anna Priest, London